Carla Lane Animals In Need

Registered Charity Number: 1031342


Please help - We are in urgent need of pet food for the animals. With so many animals to feed, we are struggling.

What we are desperate for

Tinned cat & dog food

Dried cat & dog food

Rabbit food

Tins of pilchards, tuna, sardines, hotdog sausages also very welcome.

Also we need bedding, towels, sheets and blankets.

Donations can be dropped off at the Sanctuary or we can collect.


Cash donations can be made through our paypal account.

All money that is donated is invested in the animals at the Sanctuary.

[email protected]

We are very grateful for all donations that help us continue our much needed work.

We are always on the lookout for any sort of donations that may help the animals in our care, this could be old bedding, sheets, curtains, toys, collars, leads, small animal cages plus all types of pet food, bowls etc. If you have anything you think we could use please get in touch.

FURNITURE - We are able to take in small items of furniture to sell in our shop. All we ask is for the items to be free from damage and in good condition. (Please do not be offended if we decline your offer of items - if we feel that we are not able to sell your items, we then have to dispose of them, at a cost to the Sanctuary ie costly tip runs and skips).

We know you will understand. Thank You.

0151 549 0959



You could also help us by donating items that we regularly need, such as :


Tinned dog food -urgently required (Butcher's tripe mix and Chappie are favourites) but any tinned food would help

Tinned cat food especially jelly and supermeat

Tinned fish - Pilchards, sardines, tuna

Tinned hotdogs
Bio or Non-Bio Washing Liquid or powder 


Sponge scourers
Wood-based cat litter
Stationery - pens, envelopes, sticky notes, sellotape, coloured paper clips, plastic sleeves. 
Plain A4 paper (all colours)
A4 Laminating Pouches                              

Washing up Liquid
Used stamps (tear off postmark)
Non-feather quilts

Bedding - sheets, curtains, towels, duvet covers, pillow cases, cushions



Bread & Biscuits - For our Goats, Sheep, Geese and Chickens


Do you have any unwanted presents or new items that you could donate to our Charity? quality gifts like Toiletries, Drinks, Toys, DVDs, Gift Sets etc are urgently required for our fundraising tombola stall and raffles.By donating itmes which may be taking up space in your home, you could make a real difference to the well-being of the animals at our Sanctuary. Items can be dropped off or we can collect.



Rags, new & nearly new clothes, bags & shoes can help raise valuable funds for the Sanctuary.

We sell items at our fairs and at our shops and the rest we send for recycling and for the Third World. 

 We can get around £250 per van load. So please keep them coming.

  • We can collect - just call 0151 549 0959
  • Drop off at the Sanctuary or at our Formby shop

(29 Brows Lane, Formby)


To help us save abandoned animals thoughout the year, we are in need of foster homes. By doing this frees up valuable space in our kennels and cattery.

If you feel that you can offer your home for an unwanted pet,


We provide all food and equipment required.

To register as a foster carer - please call us on 0151 549 0959


We have many craft makers of all ages amongst our friends and supporters and we thought it would be good to form a crafting group to help raise funds for the animals. If you would be interested in joining us, we would love to hear from you.



As our cake and refreshment stalls become more and more popular, we are in need of cake bakers to help us out.

Whether Cup Cakes, Scones, Flapjacks, Tarts, Tea Cakes or Sandwich Cakes are your speciality, we welcome your input.

Our cakes and refreshments are vegetarian. If you are able to bake for us and need help choosing vegetarian ingredients, just give us a call.

If you would like to help, we would love to hear from you.











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