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Reply Sarah
2:01 PM on October 18, 2013 
Hi I'm looking for a loving home for my 19 month old staff cross English bulldog dotty, she's a lovely dog who adores my two little girls but unfortunately we no longer have the time to give her. She's a loving dog who loves cuddles, she does like to jump up and kiss you but I'm sure with training you could get her out of this habit, we just don't have the time. She's fully house trained, up to date with her vaccinations and has been neutered. If anyone interested email me at and I can send you pictures of her. If anyone's interested in taking her they can take her new kennel and sleeping cage and bedding etc. she's never met a cat so prob best to go to home with no cats, shes fine with big dogs but jumps all over small ones when playing
Reply Tracey Norman
11:21 AM on September 12, 2013 
The work the staff do at ain is amazin sadly I could no longer have my dog buster live with me ain took him in and he doin brill he looks amazin I miss him so much but im happy he is happy and awaitin a new home I still visit buster when I can thanks so much to Kathy 4 allowin it and nringin buster ova frm Southport and thanks to all the staff 4 lookin after him wish we could click r fingers and get lovely homes.for all anmials a ain I have a soft spot 4 snooy the staff really hope he finds a home soon such a starbthanks agian all at ain 4 everything u have done and doin 4 buster x
Reply liz cullen
3:46 AM on June 19, 2013 
Can u help me. I have 9 ex battery hens I rescued last year from Happy Hens. I have since suffered a back injury and need a op and am not able to look after them as Iwould like. I would love them to get a good home as I have got them back to good health and they are excellent layers.
Reply anne
4:45 PM on June 16, 2013 
hello my name is Anne,, we have been looking at Bailey your rottie,, we think he is just perfect and we will be ringing you in the morning about offering him a for ever home,,, we have a 16 mth rottie lad now my boy jason,, we lost our orthier rottie Ben just over 2yrs ago he was 13,, we have lost our 15yr old staffy buster just a few week's ago,, we are hopeing we can offer Bailey a for ever home x
Reply Kirstye
5:41 PM on March 10, 2013 
I adopted a little staff named Lilly from AIN for my mum n dad two weeks ago and she is a lovely little dog we had our old staff for 19 years so when she Died we were devastated Lilly has now made it easier for us thank you to all that staff who looks after Lilly while she was with use everyone was so lovely use do a brilliant job that makes such a difference to people and animals lives fantastic work x
Reply nickyb
3:10 PM on November 26, 2012 
I got my staffy- JR cross Juno, in April, as a companion for my rottie Seamus, she is a total sweetheart, everybody loves her, including Seamus.... x
Reply marym
3:34 PM on August 25, 2012 
I adopted my beloved Butch from AIN in December 2005 .he was 10/11 years of age. He, and a number of other dogs pictures were in the Liverpool Echo. we seen his handsome face and knew he was meant for us.
I believe, he spent 6 months with you , having put into AIN when his owner had to go in a care home
He recently passed away in June, after 6 1/2 years of having a loving home with us. He was a wonderful dog and we will never forget him.
Just wanted to let AIN staff know , he had a brilliant and loving home and he lived to a great doggie age.
P.S Would have love to send a pic in , to put on your memories page. How can i do that ?
Reply HeatherKx3
7:08 PM on July 11, 2012 
I remember working voluntarily at the age of 9 or 10 at A.I.N (Im now 18) and its good too hear everything is going well :)
Reply mollie
10:35 AM on June 30, 2012 
Well that was a completely fair and unbiased view {Barking mad, tonight, itv thursday night} in the park well behaved poodles, shitzus, border terriers, snarling mad dogs in cages/pounds all bull breeds, put a fisheye lens up to the bars, when the dog runs up barking and gets its face close up to the camera it will look mad! why not angle the camera down see the wagging tail, the programme advocated laws on 'deed not breed' yet never said anything about bites from dogs other than bull breeds, just said over 6000 people are bitten in the uk every year. Im 50 years old and ive been bitten by 4 dogs A corgi, 2 border collies and a mongrel, my sister worked as a vet nurse for over 10 years and was never bitten by a dog but numerous cats, she tells me the worst kind of dogs they ever had to deal with were sharpeis, it makes me so annoyed that bull breeds are constantly demonised, ive had 3 staffys and softer dogs you could never meet, yes there are occasions when a staff will bite, but isnt that true of any dog?
Reply Michelle
10:18 AM on June 10, 2012 
Hi I got 2 fab kittens from A. I.N and they have settled in so well they were called cara and cindy (cindy now tashi), they were very frightened and had little human contact but now they come to bed with me and wake me in the morning to the lovely sound of purring, there very playful and get along with my other 6 cats its like they have always been here i love them so much, one of my cats is just 5 weeks old i took him after he was left on my step and cara is so loving with him its almost like he's hers, i'm called the cat lady so maybe thats why he was left :) x

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